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Work Appropriate Valentine’s Day Desserts

I love any excuse to be extra-festive, merry, and eat desserts. Birthdays, major holidays, new hires, retirement, kids’ fifth grade graduation… you get the point. It’s relatively easy to bring a little festive cheer into the work place with a pleasantĀ attitude and maybe a desk decoration or two, however, as I mentioned, I like desserts. Desserts for major Holidays like Christmas and Halloween are pretty straight forward (red and green or orange and black decorations, pies…), but, it can be difficult to come up with work appropriate desserts for holidays like Valentine’s Day. Sure when you’re a kid at school you can bring candy-grams and lollipops or conversation hearts and pink heart cookies in to your classmates, but XOXO and hearts may not be the most professional approach in the job place. You do not have to skip holiday fun because it trends towards mushiness and expressions of love; you can wish your colleagues well and be thankful for their friendships and show it through some work appropriate Valentine’s Day desserts like Oreo Cookie Balls and Iced Cake Donuts.

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Oreo Cookie Balls


Iced Cake Donuts – coming soon!



Oreo Cookie Balls Recipe

I received a batch of Oreo Cookie Balls from a dear friend for Christmas a couple years ago and that same day I asked for the recipe! I’ve changed it up a bit, added a few more steps and punched up the decor for an extra-chocolatey kick. You can eat these at home (they will not last long), share with friends and neighbors, or take to a work party. Everyone loves this dessert. If giving as a gift, dress it up on a festive plate or in a paper dessert box. These do get a little ‘melty’, so keep them refrigerated until ready to be devoured! I think the best way to serve these is to have a combination of flavors in a batch (mint, chocolate, strawberry) and different finishing decorations (crumbs, sugar, chocolate, sprinkles, etc.) so that everyone can enjoy the many flavors that are packed into one dessert. Continue reading