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Veterinary care on post and off post

So, what are your options for veterinary care on post and off post? I opt for registering my pets with the on-post veterinary treatment facility (VTF) as soon as I arrive (PCS) at a new post AND registering them at an off-post, private veterinary clinic. In this way, I can schedule my routine pet appointments, like vaccines and annual exams, at the military vet (and save some major mula) and for those random petastrophies, if the military vet’s schedule is too full, I call my private vet – who already has my pet’s file – and schedule an appointment. A private vet is also good if you plan to utilize boarding services or if your pet requires specialty or continuous care treatments. Continue reading

Discount Dog Treats

With baby numero uno on the way, I’ve been stocking up on household items (think TP, dry goods, cleaning supplies, pet food) to avoid any unnecessary road trips immediately following baby’s arrival, and I’ve been running all over town picking up one item at this store, one at that store, which is draining not only my gas tank but also my patience. So, I thought to myself “why not see what a little online shopping can do?” Continue reading

Military Family Pets

Your furry, feathery, or scaly family members and how the military affects them…

If you’re like me, your pets were your “babies” before your real children were born. As you navigate the military system, taking care of your pets becomes a challenge as several aspects of military life will affect your pet’s well-being.

Issues and opportunities for your military family pets that will be covered in future posts include: on post breed restrictions, military veterinary treatment facilities, pet registration, pet travel, PCS and your Pet, pet meds, pet food savings, pet well-being, dog parks, dog etiquette, military working animals, adoption, and volunteering.