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5 Delicious Holiday Treats that Make Lovely Gifts

5 Delicious Holiday Treats & Gifts

If you are looking for some easy and delicious ways to tell a friend, neighbor or loved one that you are thinking about them during the holiday seasons, there is no better way to do so than with homemade baked goods. Easy enough to do on your own, but lots more fun if you have family or little helping hands with you, these five full-proof recipes and decorating ideas are sure to be a big hit. You only have to worry about having enough left over after taste-testing to give away! Continue reading

Chocolate Fudge

Homemade Chocolate Fudge Recipe

My family has a sweet tooth a mile-long, though we try not to give into it. The exception of course is  during the holidays, when – as everyone knows – calories do not count. So for a mouth-watering treat, try making some fudge. By modifying a handful of traditional fudge recipes, I have prepared this easy, no-bake recipe and had excellent, chocolatey results every time. Homemade chocolate fudge is an excellent gift for friends, family, and neighbors anytime of year, but especially around the holidays when small gestures like this seem to mean so much.  Continue reading