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Aloha Stadium. Photo courtesy of Google

Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace

I checked out the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace over the weekend and was blown away by the number and variety of vendors. Now, if you are looking for farmers’ market type raw goods (fresh produce, fruit, herbs) you should go to a different market. But, if you want locally-made peanut butter, jams and honeys, plants, lanterns, carvings, Hawaiian-themed clothes and tourist gifts then you are at the right place! It took me two hours to walk around the stadium and pop into various stalls. The vendors were friendly and attentive, the parking was close and convenient, and the stadium bathrooms are open to the public! Continue reading

Haleiwa Farmers’ Market

Every week I make it a point to add fresh produce to my fridge and pantry. I love discovering new farmers’ markets and returning to visit ones that I’ve loved in the past. Today I drove out to Waimea Valley for the Haleiwa Farmers’ Market, held every Thursday from 3-7pm. This is not my first time at this market, and I love returning to it – on an empty stomach – so that I can fulfill my weekly vegetable shopping list and grab a savory lunch or sweet snack while I’m at it. The vendors are kind and engaged, the produce fresh and salivating-delicious, and the locally prepared jams, dressings and spices make every meal a unique treat.

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Kam Swap Meet

If you are in need of some fresh, locally grown produce, stop in at the Kam Swap Meet and support local farmers. Held in the town of Aiea on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, the Kam Swap Meet hosts dozens of local farmers with produce ranging from the expected greens, tomatoes, onions and bananas to the unexpected, but totally locally, coconuts, papaya, apple bananas, starfruit, giant pieces of ginger root and stalks of lemon grass. Continue reading

Pearlridge Farmers’ Market

Over the weekend my husband and I went exploring for some fresh produce and some walk-and-munch street food on a gorgeous day in Oahu, Hawaii. We discovered the Pearlridge Farmers’ Market, a short row of white tents in the parking lot of the Pearlridge Center directly in front of the Sears store.

Up for an adventure, we stopped in and walked the length of the booths, salivating all the way… when we reached the end, we had both predetermined where we wanted to stop-and-shop on the way back down the booths. Continue reading

Abundant Selection

Oahu Farmers’ Markets

There is something about an Oahu farmers’ market that makes you rooted to the place. No matter if you are a local (Kamaʻaina) or just passing through on vacation, visiting and feasting at a farmers’ market connects you to the place, its people, and its culture. By walking amongst vendors, you get a sense of the diversity of people that have settled there. Cuisine, spices and greens can tell you so much about the history of place. You easily spot Pacific Island and Asian influences, and perhaps you will come to hone your knowledge to determine specific country influences, and you will discover the most amazing array of fruits and vegetables which I challenge you to ferret out in any big chain grocery store. For example, the ginger is sold in such large segments it hints at the fact that this is a primary ingredient in many of the locals’ dishes – rather than a once-in-a-while flavoring addition like in so many mainland-USA dishes.

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