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Cinco de Mayo: Chorizo Queso Dip Recipe for Slow Cooker

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I live on a military post in a fabulous, tight-knit community. Every month or so, we come together in a neighborhood block party. There are usually anywhere from 30-50 people there, and everyone signs up in advance for a potluck item. This past weekend, our theme was Cinco de Mayo in honor of today. I made this Chorizo Queso Dip recipe in my slow cooker which nicely complimented my neighbors’ dishes of enchiladas, tacos, and bean salad.

The slow cooker sure makes things simpler and less stressful in the time leading up to a party; just plug it in and let it do its thing while you run errands and get ready! This recipe requires a little cooking, since you have to pre-cook the chorizo in a skillet first. But that can be done well in advance of your party time and added to the slow cooker later. Continue reading