Installation Spotlight

Moving to a new place can be overwhelming, what with the packing, moving, the strangeness of a new place, and the feeling of isolation as you try to figure out the simplest things like where the grocery store is, but moving can also be fun and exciting if you’re open to adventure. Sometimes all you need is a little help from a veteran local – or in some cases just an adventurous newbie!

I’d like to help you establish yourself in a new environment sooner than later! This section of my blog is dedicated to discovering and sharing new things to see, hear, taste, or do at various military installations. Most of these posts will be based on my personal experiences and finds at my current installation. However, I will often feature guest posts from other military families about their favorites and about military installations to which I have not yet been relocated.

Permanent change of stations (PCS) takes military families all over the world. As my family has moved around to various U.S. Army installations, I’ve gone through the usual struggle of locating shopping necessities, gas stations, identifying driving shortcuts, finding great outdoor activities or delicious restaurants, and just figuring things out in general. With each move, I find that I don’t feel “at home” until both my house and a foundation of local knowledge is established. Sometimes the latter is a simple process, such as when you have helpful neighbors who can guide you to the resources you seek, but other times the isolation from family and ready-friends can delay that sense of home from arriving.

I hope you enjoy your new adventure, wherever you are!

Where in the World is The [non]Active Duty Spouse:

  • Oahu, Hawaii
  • Fort Leavenworth, KS ~ coming soon!
  • Fort Campbell, TN ~ coming soon!
  • Fort Benning, GA ~ coming soon!