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Veterinary care on post and off post

So, what are your options for veterinary care on post and off post? I opt for registering my pets with the on-post veterinary treatment facility (VTF) as soon as I arrive (PCS) at a new post AND registering them at an off-post, private veterinary clinic. In this way, I can schedule my routine pet appointments, like vaccines and annual exams, at the military vet (and save some major mula) and for those random petastrophies, if the military vet’s schedule is too full, I call my private vet – who already has my pet’s file – and schedule an appointment. A private vet is also good if you plan to utilize boarding services or if your pet requires specialty or continuous care treatments. Continue reading


Military ID Scanning at Commissaries to Commence

Keep your Military ID handy after showing it to the door-minder if you shop at the commissary, because as of 22 October 2013 an agency-wide rollout of Military ID scanning at commissaries during checkout has begun. The Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) initiated the program at the Fort Lee, VA commissary and it should be activated in all commissaries worldwide by mid-January 2014. The rollout date will vary by commissary so you will need to ask at your commissary when the scanning will begin. Most commissaries will post signs 1-2 weeks prior to the system going into effect.

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