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Suggested places and activities to make life fun and easier at a military installation!

Schofield Barracks Commissary ID Scanning

The rollout of commissary ID scanning was scheduled to begin at the Schofield Barracks commissary December 02, 2013; however it has been indefinitely postponed due to system difficulties. Once it is rolled out, this process will be similar to what you’re already used to at the door to verify your eligibility to shop at the commissary. Except now, at check-out your ID card will be scanned at the register, in addition to your photo being confirmed with your identity. If you do self check-out the attendant will have to verify your photo matches your identity.

The information collected and managed by the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) includes card ID number, rank, military status, branch of service, age, household size, and ZIP codes of residence and duty station, in addition to a record of what products/items were purchased. Your name, address and phone number are not collected. This information will be used to generate demographic and sales data across a broad field (not on an individual basis) to better understand what items and in what quantities are in demand at the commissary. For more information, refer to the blog on Military ID Scanning at Commissaries to Commence.

By Danbert Nobacon Published June 4, 2013

What is a ‘military installation’?

We assume so many things about our every day life, mostly I think because there just isn’t time to decipher everything and still function properly, that sometimes it takes being asked a simple question to stop you in your tracks and force you to become more informed. I was recently asked “What IS a military installation?” and as I fumbled for a response, I realized my best answer was “I don’t know…”

I have a sense of what a military installation is – because I’ve lived, shopped, swam, done cross fit, used the post office, volunteered and received medical treatment there, and my active duty spouse works and trains there. So, a military installation is obviously an office complex, a shopping mall, a medical center, a rec center and a spa… Right? Realizing my answer was inadequate, and basically defined any city, I went in search of the answer only to find that there isn’t one.  Continue reading

Plated Bananas

Cinnamon Sautéed Bananas – Hawaii Recipe

Following a farmers’ market this week that was chock full of bushel upon bushel of banana varieties, I found myself craving – you guessed it – bananas! I enjoy bananas plain, or diced into my morning cereal, or in a banana split. But, I was hankering for something new and more akin to my local Hawaiian environment. That’s where Cinnamon Sautéed Bananas come into the picture. What could go wrong with butter, cinnamon, sugar and bananas, oh and did I mention BUTTER? After a fiasco of 3 burned bananas in the first attempt, the second attempt results were heaven on a plate! Read on for recipe, tips and photos!

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Interior Decorating Contest

Need some extra motivation to get your home unpacked and your personal items squirreled away in closets and under beds? Island Palm Communities is promoting an Interior Decorating Contest for all residents.

Submit up to ten (10) photos online at IPC’s contest website that best demonstrate your interior style. Contest ends November 30, 2013. Only current IPC residents are eligible.


  • 1st place $300 visa gift card
  • 2nd place $200 visa gift card
  • 3rd place $100 visa gift card