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Christmas Cake Pops

Christmas Cake Pops

There is something about the holidays that brings out the pastry chef in all of us. A friend of mine was inspired to make Reindeer Cake Pops for her son’s pre-K class holiday party, and ever-curious, I volunteered to discover how to do just that as her side-kick. Ever see those shining cake pops in the bakery rack at the pastry shop? They look perfect, like molded truffles. The icing coats are pristine smooth and the sticks well-embedded in the cake. After making a few dozen of these guys from scratch, and developing a steep learning curve in the process, it is very rewarding to feel like your homemade cake pops are verging on store-window perfect! Continue reading

13 Holiday Activities for Kids on a Budget

13 Budget-Friendly Holiday Activities for Kids

What school-age child doesn’t look forward to Winter Break with exasperated impatience? The last day of school, they sit on the edge of their seat, watching the clock second hand wind its way around until the final bell rings and they win their freedom. The reprieve only lasts for a couple of weeks, but to kids, it’s a time of endless possibilities (and presents)! On the other hand, to parents, who suddenly have a house full of children again and in need of entertaining, Winter Break brings a slew of challenges. Working parents must rearrange schedules, childcare, or vacation plans, and homemakers experience a drastic interruption in their daily schedule. Do not let your kids’ boisterous energy over the holidays overwhelm you. Rather, funnel that energy into some fun and frugal activities to engage your children and create lasting memories.

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Homemade Melted Snowman Ornament or Gift Tag

Melted Snowman Ornament Gift Tag

With the holidays quickly approaching, I am getting a head start on my decorating and wrapping projects. This fun Melted Snowman makes a fantastic tree ornament or as a present from your child to your spouse, or as a quirky gift tag for your wrapping projects. Making it is very simple and is great for kids aged five and up. Note: It does involve a low-heat glue gun, so adult supervision is required!  Continue reading

Christmas Books and Activities for Every Day Leading Up To Christmas

A Christmas Book and Activity for Every Day Leading Up to Christmas

Around the holidays I am always looking for a creative and engaging way to spend time with my niece. The smells of fir-tree and cocoa in the room, the twinkle of Christmas lights, and the strong sense of tradition and family make this a very special time of year. As she loves being read to and getting messy with glue, markers and baking supplies, I was hunting for a Christmas activity that embodied all these things, and I came across this creative and engaging list with a Christmas book and activity for every day leading up to Advent by The Crafty Crow, which includes 24 classic books and step-by-step tutorials. Continue reading