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Indirectly heat lotion

Get All the Lotion Out of a Bottle

I love thick lotions and body butters, but there is always an issue with the bottle. Either there is a little lotion left inside the bottle that just refuses to come out through the pump or dispensing cap, or I don’t like the bottle aesthetic and would prefer the lotion in one of my favorite glass bottles. It is difficult to get all the lotion out of a bottle, and leaving lotion in the bottle is like throwing away good money. The best way to do this is with either a very small spatula or by indirectly heating the lotion. Continue reading

Under the Sea Refreshments

Under the Sea Birthday Party

When my eldest daughter turned one while our family was stationed in Hawaii, we embraced the local tradition of elaborately celebrating the milestone with a big birthday party. An Under the Sea Birthday Party theme may not have been the most original idea, considering the island culture, but the planning and execution of the party details, food and beverages, decor, games and prizes was fun and simplified since all the necessary resources were at hand. You can go as over-the top or basic as you want when planning an Under the Sea birthday party for a boy or girl, and you can customize your party to your child’s age, favorite color, ocean animal, and food. For my daughter’s party, I chose coral and sea mist for colors, and a range of animals depicted in the decor, games and food. Continue reading