Baskets for small children

Perfect Easter Baskets for Small Children

Just in case the Easter Bunny needs a little assistance in choosing sussies (small surprises) for my children’s baskets this year, I did a little research and store patrolling to see what items were available that have a little Easter flare. My girls are at a wonderful, but difficult age for stocking an Easter Basket, as His-Bunniness surely already knows. Small candies, gum and chocolates are still not an option in our household. Same goes for most art supplies. However, at any age, you cannot go wrong with Easter books, crayons, coloring books, hopping toys, stuffed animals, bubbles, bouncing balls, and toys. My girls are 27 months and 8 months and a joyful handful. I picked out a few items that I would love for the Bunny to bring them this Easter Sunday. In my opinion, the perfect easter baskets for small children should contain an assortment of themed goodies. Now, I believe that the HOLY-day should be put back in our Holidays, so I looked into Jesus themed coloring books and board books, but I felt like the coloring books were much too advanced for my two year old to enjoy and we already have our fare share of religious board books. So, these items are not included in the photographs below. But, I do highly recommend such items for your Easter baskets. The options below are selected to fit inside a traditional, small/medium sized Easter basket.

I have the baskets outlined below by ages.

Birth – 12 months:

  • Lamb or Bunny (or Bible/Jesus) board books
  • Infant Wubbanub-Lamb (pacifier)
  • Teething toys
  • Pottery Barn Kids bunny rattle
  • Hopping rabbit or chick
Infant Basket

Infant Basket

12 months – 3 years:

  • Lamb or Bunny (or Bible/Jesus) board books and/or coloring books
  • Carrot shaped bubbles
  • Hopping rabbit or chick
  • Rabbit bouncing ball
  • Bird water whistle
  • Cow in a Can (Moo Box)
  • Carrot shaped eating utensils
  • Peter Rabbit books, dinnerware, silverware
  • Melissa & Doug triangle chunky crayons
  • Stuffed animals wearing rabbit ears
  • Sucker or chocolate bunny (under extreme parental supervision)
Toddler basket

Toddler basket

3 years – 5 years:

  • Hard back Easter books
  • Personalized Bible
  • Crayons, markers, coloring books
  • Melamine, Easter themed plates and cups
  • Striped party straws in pastel colors
  • Packs of powder to flavor milk
  • Moo (cow) mixer cup
  • Chocolate (malt/truffle) eggs or formed rabbits
  • Egg-shaped chewing gum in an egg carton
  • Peeps!

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