Oreo Cookie Balls Recipe

I received a batch of Oreo Cookie Balls from a dear friend for Christmas a couple years ago and that same day I asked for the recipe! I’ve changed it up a bit, added a few more steps and punched up the decor for an extra-chocolatey kick. You can eat these at home (they will not last long), share with friends and neighbors, or take to a work party. Everyone loves this dessert. If giving as a gift, dress it up on a festive plate or in a paper dessert box. These do get a little ‘melty’, so keep them refrigerated until ready to be devoured! I think the best way to serve these is to have a combination of flavors in a batch (mint, chocolate, strawberry) and different finishing decorations (crumbs, sugar, chocolate, sprinkles, etc.) so that everyone can enjoy the many flavors that are packed into one dessert.

There is no wrong way to decorate these cookies. For a delicious recipe that you can knock out in a hurry with a couple simple, inexpensive ingredients and even get the kiddos involved with, try making this Oreo Cookie Balls recipe. This recipe is tried, tested, and kid-approved. You can change up the decorations to match the season, Holiday or event. The ones photographed here are for my spouse’s office colleagues for Valentine’s Day; decorating them in a subtle Valentine’s theme of purple, pink and sugary shimmer makes them reminiscent of the Holiday and work appropriate without being overly mushy.

Oreo Cookie Balls Recipe


  • 36 Oreos, crushed
  • 1 8 oz. block of Philadelphia cream cheese, softened
  • Optional flavorings or fillings: mint and/or strawberry
  • Optional shells: oreo crumbs, powdered sugar, or 16 oz. of semi-sweet Baker's Chocolate
  • Optional embellishments: sprinkles, icing, food coloring
  • *Tools
  • Food Processor
  • Medium Mixing Bowl
  • Wax Paper
  • Cookie Sheets or Pyrex


  1. First thing's first, the ingredients are brand-name Oreos and Philadelphia cream cheese. I'm sure generic works fine, but you may need to taste the batch as you go to make sure the measurements still work for you.
  2. Let the cream cheese come to room temperature so that it is softened.
  3. Crush 36 oreos (cookie and filling) in a food processor. (TIP: some online recipes say you can do this by hand, but believe me, your hands will not process the cookies finely enough; the finer the crumbs, the better the balls will hold their form and the better the finished dessert will look).
  4. Transfer crushed oreos to a medium mixing bowl and combine with softened cream cheese. (TIP: combine these ingredients by hand. Add the cream cheese in small globs. It feels mushy, but this really mixes well and it's a great way to involve any kids in the process). Mix until there are no globs of white cream cheese to be seen.
  5. If you are adding flavors like mint or strawberry combine that into the mix next.
  6. Roll the 'batter' into small balls using the palms of your hands, about the size of a walnut. You should get about 36 balls from a batch.
  7. Place each rolled ball onto a wax paper-lined cookie sheet or Pyrex. You want something with a lip so the balls don't escape onto the floor when you carry them around. (TIP: I prefer Pyrex with a lid).
  8. If you are covering the balls in ground Oreos or powdered sugar, go ahead and do that next. Roll each ball through a pile of ground Oreos or powdered sugar and return to the wax paper.
  9. If you are going to envelop the balls in semi-sweet Baker's Chocolate, then either put the balls in the freezer for 10 minutes or in the fridge for about an hour before continuing to the next step. This allows them to harden enough to be dipped in chocolate.
  10. Melt the semi-sweet baker's chocolate in 30 second intervals, stirring in between, until a smooth consistency is achieved. Stick a ball onto the end of a toothpick and gently dip into the melted chocolate, hold it up and allow any excess to drip off, then return to the wax paper to harden. (TIP: do not swirl the ball in the chocolate; it will fall off the toothpick).
  11. If you want an extra-refined finish, thread the toothpick end through a wire rack and deposit the ball on top to drip dry on the rack. If you allow the balls to harden on the wax paper there will be a 'pool' of chocolate under each ball. It still tastes great though!
  12. If you are adding any other embellishments like sprinkles, do that immediately after dipping the ball in the chocolate.
  13. You may need to reheat the chocolate as you go, depending on how meticulous (read 'slow') you are at dipping the balls. Be careful not to overheat it. Just microwave in ten second intervals from here on out.
  14. Refrigerate. They should harden and be ready to serve in about an hour. Stays fresh for about 3 days (if kept refrigerated!).

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