Well-loved Uggs

Cleaning Your UGGs

Now that Fall has begun here in the NorthWestern United States, it is time to break out the winter boots! The UGG trend in the U.S. began during my high school days, though I refrained from ever purchasing a pair, and especially from wearing them with a jean skirt in the middle of a Texas summer (seriously?). However, now that I find myself in a damp, cold Washington climate, and after observing the native Webbed-feet inhabitants in all their UGG-glory, I figure there must be something about these over-priced boots that I’ve been missing out on.

So, this year I bought a pair of UGGs. I must say they are extremely comfortable and warm. They repel water as I splash from car to store to daycare to home. And stepping into them in the morning is sort of a nice treat.

Now, unlike me with my new pair of UGGs for this season, you may have a pair of worn in UGGs. You may be tempted towards out with the old and in with the new, but before you chuck those duds and drop another $200 on a new pair, try sprucing them up with this easy cleaning solution. Cleaning your UGGs, or similar suede boots, is a simple process and just involves six things: suede brush and eraser, measuring cup, water, distilled white vinegar, and a white cloth.

Well-loved Uggs

Well-loved Uggs

My daughter received a pair of baby UGGs last year and though she can’t tell me so yet, I know that she loved wearing them, because they were the only pair of shoes that she did not yank off and toss about the car. In fact, she loved riding in her carseat wearing her baby UGGs. She would kick her little, booted feet back and forth across the safety seat support bar, which in turn greased, scuffed and dirtied those beautiful UGGs.

Ready for another season Uggs

Ready for another season Uggs

I recently cleaned up her UGGs for her new little sister to wear this fall. That’s where the white vinegar comes into play. Distilled white vinegar is a cure all, and every house should keep a giant gallon-sized jug to hand. You can clean floors, windows, counters, and now UGGs with this safe product.

To clean your UGGs, follow these simple steps:

  1. Using the suede brush, gently brush any debris off of the UGG. (Tip: I find that a flicking motion is most effective).
  2. Using the suede eraser, gently rub away any scuff marks on the UGG. (Tip: a regular eraser works as well, but be sure to use a white eraser).
  3. Moisten one end of your white cloth with water and dab the exterior of the UGG. Do NOT saturate the shoe in water.
  4. Combine one part water with one part distilled white vinegar in the measuring cup. (Tip: ½ cup water and ½ cup white vinegar should be sufficient quantity).
  5. With the dry end of your white cloth, absorb some of the water-vinegar mixture and begin cleaning your UGGs. (Tip: I find that a circular, light rubbing motion is most effective). Reapply the water-vinegar and continue rubbing at the UGG until the stains are removed.
  6. Use the water-only side of your white cloth to remove any excess water-vinegar mixture from the UGG.
  7. Leave the UGGs to dry overnight. (Tip: To maintain the shoe form, stuff some balled up socks or some paper into the shoe).

Once your shoes are completely dry, apply a suede sealant per the instructions on the spray can and wait the necessary amount of time for them to cure. (Tip: You do not need to buy the UGG brand of sealant; an alternative brand works just as well and will save you a couple dollars). Enjoy your UGGs for another season with none the wiser about how well-loved they really are!

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  1. Mama Smulcer

    Great article – very informative, easy directions and a positive way to bring renewed life to a wardrobe favorite.


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