Fabric Banner Tutorial

Fabric Banner Tutorial

DIY Fabric Banner Tutorial

Whether you are adding a special touch to a bedroom or decorating for the holidays or a special party, a fabric banner is an easy and inexpensive way to add that festive touch your space needs. It is also a kid-friendly project to let your children get involved in decorating. Fabric banners are so versatile; you can design one to fit any décor, on any budget, from shabby-chic to refined and polished. Make a fabric banner for every season and holiday!

Getting Ready

You can either buy materials for your fabric banner to match a theme, or use scraps from crafting supplies. Make banners pop with ribbon, lace and sparkles as your theme requires.

For this tutorial, I am making a fabric banner, or garland, for an upcoming newborn photo shoot for a baby girl (my daughter!). The color scheme needs to coordinate with a subdued gray cotton duck backdrop, so I selected a variety of fabrics in orange, aqua and coral hues with plaid, stripe, polka dot and tight floral patterns and strips of creamy satin ribbon and ivory lace.

Keep in mind that because you are working with small pieces of fabric, your fabric banner will look better with patterns that are small and tight. Because I am working with a large backdrop space, about 4’ wide and 5’ tall, the banner I prepared is about 76” long (twine), so that I have some wiggle room to play with positioning.


  • Twine
  • Fabric, ribbon and lace in various patterns
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape


1. Prepare your supplies. Cut the twine to about 40” long for a small banner, 55”-60” for a medium length and 65”-75” for a large banner; you will tie all your fabric, ribbon and lace onto the twine. You should cut fabric into strips about 2” wide by 26”-28” long (depending on how large you want your banner). Cut ribbon and lace into strips about 20”-22” long.

2. Take a strip of fabric and fold it in half. Place the twine over the fabric towards the top of the fold. Pull the ends of the fabric through the fabric loop, enclosing the twine and pull tight.

3. Repeat step 3, alternating between fabric patterns and pieces of ribbon and lace, until the length of twine is completely covered. Be sure to leave about 1”-2” of uncovered twine at each end to make it easier to hang the banner.

4. You can either tape or hang your banner. To make hanging easier, make a small loop at each end of the twine and either tie a knot to complete the loop or tape or sew the loop closed.


TIP: Depending on the fabric, it is easier to fold the fabric lengthwise to reduce cutting time; you can also pin the edges to help keep cuts straight. Fold the ribbon and lace end over end and cut through all the layers at each end to speed things up.

TIP: For a “shabbier” look, let the ends hang at different lengths. For a more “polished” look, keep the ends about the same length.

TIP: Use Command hooks to quickly hang banners on any surface in any room in your home or party venue. When you are ready to take down the banner, Command hooks remove easily, cause no wall damage and leave behind no sticky residue.

4 thoughts on “Fabric Banner Tutorial

    1. Military Spouse Post author

      Hi Bev, I would estimate you need about two yards total, just so that you can get the cuts/lines you want. It’s hard to say because I used several different fabric, lace and ribbon scraps for mine. The beauty of this project is that you can mix and match any coordinating fabrics, textures and styles with what you have on hand. But, if you are going out and buying new, I would buy several fat quarters of different fabrics of your choosing. That should give you plenty of fabric to work with.

  1. Heidi

    Thanks for posting this! It made it super easy for me to make one of these in about 1/2 an hour from start to finish with my fabric scraps! I found that 1/4 yard cuts are really great because if you fold it in half and cut at the fold, you’ll have the perfect length for your strips!

    1. Active Spouse Post author

      I am so glad you enjoyed the tutorial Heidi! Thank you for the tips on using 1/4 yard cuts. These fabric banners are easy to make, simple to vary for different styles and tastes, and are a great project for little helpers too!


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