Homemade Melted Snowman Ornament or Gift Tag

Melted Snowman Ornament Gift Tag

With the holidays quickly approaching, I am getting a head start on my decorating and wrapping projects. This fun Melted Snowman makes a fantastic tree ornament or as a present from your child to your spouse, or as a quirky gift tag for your wrapping projects. Making it is very simple and is great for kids aged five and up. Note: It does involve a low-heat glue gun, so adult supervision is required! 

You will need the following materials to complete this project

  • crafting scissors
  • low-heat hot glue gun
  • low-heat (or all heat) glue sticks (plan on 3-4 per snowman)
  • wax paper
  • string, ribbon or similar for creating the hanging loop
  • black sequins for ‘coal’ eyes and buttons*
  • orange jewels for carrot nose*
  • large sequins for ‘top-hat’**

* Feel free to use any small product in any colors you want for the snowman eyes, buttons and nose; some things that work great are sequins, jewels, beads, and buttons.
** If you want to make the snowman more traditional, cut a black top hat shape from felt.

TIP: for extra creativity points, make a small scarf and tie it around the bottom part of the snowman and secure with a dab of hot glue on the back.


  1. Gather all your supplies and prepare your workstation. Because you are working with hot glue, make sure your area is clean of debris or dust so that nothing is glued into the ornament by accident.
  2. Plug in your hot glue gun and insert your first glue stick to begin heating. Layout a scrap of wax paper as your ‘placemat’ for your workstation. Organize your decorative pieces by type and color so that you can quickly and easily find and place your items on the hot glue when needed. Cut your ornament/gift tag loops to your desired length; I recommend about an 8″ length of cord.
  3. Begin squeezing the hot glue in thin lines on your wax paper. The messier the outline the better because this is a MELTED snowman; there should be imperfections and lumps! Try not to overlap an area – unless you like that look. Go back and forth with the hot glue in a curved zigzag pattern until you achieve your desired shaped and sized snowman. (Note: it may help to pause occasionally and let the next section of hot glue stick warm up so it squeezes out more smoothly).
  4. Allow the snowman to cool for a minute or so; this helps prevent your fingers or decorative items ‘snagging’ the glue and creating fingerprints or glue strings on the project.
  5. Dab some hot glue where you want the ‘coal’ eyes to be. Add decor.
  6. Dab some hot glue where you want the carrot nose to be. Add decor.
  7. Dab some hot glue where you want the ‘top hat’ to be. Add decor.
  8. Allow snowman to cool for at least three minutes. (Note: you may need to leave it for more time depending on how thick you made the snowman). All glue should be completely hardened and opaque before you attempt to remove the snowman from the wax paper.
  9. Remove snowman from wax paper by picking up one end and slowly, gently peeling it away from the paper. The wax paper should stick to the back of the snowman. This adds support. Peel away any paper that overlaps the edges of the glue so that the paper is not visible from the front.
  10. Glue the ends of your ribbon together to create a loop.
  11. Glue the loop to the back of the snowman. TIP: if you secure the loop ends on the back behind the ‘top hat’, the loop ends will not be visible from the front and it will look nicer.
  12. Let dry for another 2-3 minutes.

Voila! Your Melted Snowman ornament/gift tag is complete and ready to be lovingly placed on the tree, wrapped up as a present, or tied to a bow to decorate the outside of your gift packages!

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