Kam Swap Meet

If you are in need of some fresh, locally grown produce, stop in at the Kam Swap Meet and support local farmers. Held in the town of Aiea on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, the Kam Swap Meet hosts dozens of local farmers with produce ranging from the expected greens, tomatoes, onions and bananas to the unexpected, but totally locally, coconuts, papaya, apple bananas, starfruit, giant pieces of ginger root and stalks of lemon grass.

There are so many types of fruits and vegetables to discover and explore. Just pick out something that looks interesting, or even scary, and ask the vendor some questions.

What is this?
What dishes do you make with this?
How do you prepare and cook this?

Occasionally you may find a vendor that speaks no English, but don’t let that deter you! Hand signals often work just fine to indicate how to eat something or how much something costs.

If you’re buying in bulk – try a little haggling too. Prices aren’t often written in stone and there is a great deal of competition between vendors with similar goods to sell. But if the vendor won’t come down on price, don’t sweat it – you are already getting better prices than at the grocery or commissary!

The Kam Swap Meet website has more detailed information about its history, location, vendors and layout map, etc.

If you’re looking for fantastic produce – this place is a must. The rest of the vendors consisted of a few authentic Chinese street-food vendors, Hawaiian themed dress and sarong stalls and fabrics, a couple tourist booths for coconut purses and bone or shell necklaces, some used home goods and child-gear, toys and clothes, the occasional military surplus tent, used surfboards and skateboards, and some low-end bedding and curtain surplus booths.

Contrary to the Swap Meet’s online description, I’ve not seen much by way of local arts and crafts, tourist gifts, fresh flowers, antiques, or furniture.

I definitely recommend checking the Kam Swap Meet out for yourself. Grab a bite to eat at one of the stalls, or a fresh coconut with a straw, and walk around the place. You could do a circuit in about a half-hour to discover the layout and available goods and then dig in and do some serious bargain hunting!

Parking is available up the hill from the site, and there is an ATM, a sit-down eating area, and public restrooms in the building with the “fish market” signs on it.

TIP* Bring a reusable bag to stash all the great produce you’re going to find. Also – bring sunblock, a water bottle, and hand-sanitizer.

Kam Swap Meet-Hawaii
98-850 Moanalua Rd.
Kamehameha Hwy,Aiea, HI 96701
Ph : (808)-483-5535
Visit them on the web

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