Christmas Books and Activities for Every Day Leading Up To Christmas

A Christmas Book and Activity for Every Day Leading Up to Christmas

Around the holidays I am always looking for a creative and engaging way to spend time with my niece. The smells of fir-tree and cocoa in the room, the twinkle of Christmas lights, and the strong sense of tradition and family make this a very special time of year. As she loves being read to and getting messy with glue, markers and baking supplies, I was hunting for a Christmas activity that embodied all these things, and I came across this creative and engaging list with a Christmas book and activity for every day leading up to Advent by The Crafty Crow, which includes 24 classic books and step-by-step tutorials.

As I no longer live near enough to my niece for daily visits, we are not able to read and craft each of the delightful 24 Christmas-themed books and activities in The Crafty Crow’s list (but there is always next year!). However, since our time together is precious, I like to make things memorable. What better way than by planning a Christmas-themed day around one of the books and activities?

Like most kids, my niece loves crafts and making special gifts for her parents, and I love to support that spark of learning and imagineering. She is just learning to read and nothing thrills her more than to curl up in your lap in a snuggly blanket and share a book.  Over the years I have built up her book library with some of our family favorites, one of which is The Polar Express. Our themed-day goes something like this:

  • I arrive at my niece’s home in the early afternoon in my coziest pajamas (footed PJs optional) and get her dressed up likewise; Goal: her squeal of delight at my untraditional attire when she opens the door
  • We brew up a tantalizing pot of peppermint hot chocolate, with marshmallows, and curl up on the couch to watch The Polar Express
  • When the movie is over, we do our snow globe activity with the supplies I’ve brought
  • For dinner, I make her a Christmas-Tree-shaped sandwich using a cookie cutter with red and green grapes on the side
  • After tucking her into bed, we read The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg
  • As she drifts off to sleep, I sneak under her pillow a small wrapped present containing a single, resonating sleigh bell with a leather thong

Click here to redirect to The Crafty Crow website to discover all 24  Christmas Book and Activity Advent tutorials.

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