US Military Rank Insignia

As you walk around a military post, or military town, you may notice some soldiers stopping to salute other soldiers, and you may be dumbfounded that in conversations a soldier knows how to address another soldier by their rank and their last name… but all you see on the uniform is a name tag with their last name.

Soldiers memorize a precise list of officer and enlisted US military rank insignia. While you as a non-active duty spouse are not expected to memorize this same said list, you may find that memorizing the symbols that come to bear on your life will help you in many ways, such as knowing whom to turn to for assistance, and properly addressing your spouse’s boss (key!) and peers.

Click on the links below to be redirected to a very detailed chart depicting US Military rank insignia and a comparison across the military branches:

Department of Defense – Officer Rank Insignia for Army, Navy (Coast Guard), Marines & Air Force

Department of Defense – Enlisted Rank Insignia for Army, Navy (Coast Guard), Marines & Air Force

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