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US Military Rank Insignia

As you walk around a military post, or military town, you may notice some soldiers stopping to salute other soldiers, and you may be dumbfounded that in conversations a soldier knows how to address another soldier by their rank and their last name… but all you see on the uniform is a name tag with their last name.

Soldiers memorize a precise list of officer and enlisted US military rank insignia. While you as a non-active duty spouse are not expected to memorize this same said list, you may find that memorizing the symbols that come to bear on your life will help you in many ways, such as knowing whom to turn to for assistance, and properly addressing your spouse’s boss (key!) and peers. Continue reading

Plated Bananas

Cinnamon Sautéed Bananas – Hawaii Recipe

Following a farmers’ market this week that was chock full of bushel upon bushel of banana varieties, I found myself craving – you guessed it – bananas! I enjoy bananas plain, or diced into my morning cereal, or in a banana split. But, I was hankering for something new and more akin to my local Hawaiian environment. That’s where Cinnamon Sautéed Bananas come into the picture. What could go wrong with butter, cinnamon, sugar and bananas, oh and did I mention BUTTER? After a fiasco of 3 burned bananas in the first attempt, the second attempt results were heaven on a plate! Read on for recipe, tips and photos!

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Military Family Pets

Your furry, feathery, or scaly family members and how the military affects them…

If you’re like me, your pets were your “babies” before your real children were born. As you navigate the military system, taking care of your pets becomes a challenge as several aspects of military life will affect your pet’s well-being.

Issues and opportunities for your military family pets that will be covered in future posts include: on post breed restrictions, military veterinary treatment facilities, pet registration, pet travel, PCS and your Pet, pet meds, pet food savings, pet well-being, dog parks, dog etiquette, military working animals, adoption, and volunteering.

Interior Decorating Contest

Need some extra motivation to get your home unpacked and your personal items squirreled away in closets and under beds? Island Palm Communities is promoting an Interior Decorating Contest for all residents.

Submit up to ten (10) photos online at IPC’s contest website that best demonstrate your interior style. Contest ends November 30, 2013. Only current IPC residents are eligible.


  • 1st place $300 visa gift card
  • 2nd place $200 visa gift card
  • 3rd place $100 visa gift card

Amazon Prime Free Shipping!

I am always looking to exercise my frugal gene – inherited from my banker father. Now this gene loves deals, which can be dangerous at bulk stores and when passing sale items. But! My willingness to take the extra time to scout brick-and-mortar stores and online stores means I can find the best deal for the EXACT same product. One of my favorite money saving techniques is Amazon Prime with their free, two-day shipping! Read on to learn more about Amazon Prime and shipping to Hawaii and other remote areas.

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Military ID Scanning at Commissaries to Commence

Keep your Military ID handy after showing it to the door-minder if you shop at the commissary, because as of 22 October 2013 an agency-wide rollout of Military ID scanning at commissaries during checkout has begun. The Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) initiated the program at the Fort Lee, VA commissary and it should be activated in all commissaries worldwide by mid-January 2014. The rollout date will vary by commissary so you will need to ask at your commissary when the scanning will begin. Most commissaries will post signs 1-2 weeks prior to the system going into effect.

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Where do you stand? DOD Organization Structure

Now that you’re married to the military, you may be wondering where your spouse’s job fits into the big picture. Understanding the greater organization structure is crucial to picking up on how things like US news, US policy and legislation, and even world events may affect your household. Continue reading