Discount Dog Treats

With baby numero uno on the way, I’ve been stocking up on household items (think TP, dry goods, cleaning supplies, pet food) to avoid any unnecessary road trips immediately following baby’s arrival, and I’ve been running all over town picking up one item at this store, one at that store, which is draining not only my gas tank but also my patience. So, I thought to myself “why not see what a little online shopping can do?”

Today I realized I was nearly out of dog treats. It’s taken me years to find two types of dog treats that BOTH my dogs enjoy eating and train well with that are also “good” for them. Unfortunately, neither brand of dog treat is sold on post at the Schofield Barracks (Oahu, Hawaii) PX or Commissary. Rather than drive to PetsMart or PetCo for a special trip I thought I’d research a bit on buying the treats online. Now PetsMart and PetCo both charge shipping, and I don’t like to waste money. So I looked into some wholesale websites (just google “wholesale dog treats” and start comparing prices, quantities and shipping) – there are several that sell REALLY large quantities of dog treats (in the 150-250+ quantities) which is great, but I don’t really want to dedicate that much shelf space to storing such a vast quantity of dog treats.

So, I thought to myself “I wonder how Amazon Prime prices and quantities compare to the local store and whole sellers?” And, what do you know! The Amazon Prime price was $9 LESS than the local PetsMart in-store price per package of the same quantity of treats, and $7 LESS than the whole sellers! And, PetsMart doesn’t sell the value size that I wanted, which provides even MORE savings, and Amazon did.

Amazon Prime wins again! (no, I do not receive funds for plugging Amazon Prime – I just really like the service!)

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